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Renfrew-Collingwood Safety Plan

Physical Distancing

• The number of people allowed in the centre at one time will be reduced according to
new regulations.

• Family members and handydart drivers will drop off seniors at the door.

• No visitors, volunteers, entertainers, or tours will be permitted at the centre.

• Staff have undergone training and practice in keeping safe distances, re-arranged
furniture and equipment and established procedures for safe activity programming.

• There is posted signage throughout the centre to remind everyone to keep a safe

Disinfecting and Personal Protection

• Seniors and staff will be pre-screened for symptoms of illness before leaving their home
to attend the centre each day in accordance with the IPC requirements for LTC and AL.

• Upon arrival seniors will sanitize hands and any mobility aids.

• All staff will wear medical face masks and face shields.

• All staff will wear gloves when in direct contact with clients.

• All staff will wear PPE (mask, eye protection, gloves and gowns) when there is a risk of
coming in contract with any bodily fluids (ex. Helping a client in the bathroom) or when a
client is presenting with symptoms.

• All clients will be encouraged to wear a non-medical mask or face-shield while at the
centre as another level of protection.

• All staff has been provided with education regarding donning on and off PPE, &
information about COVID-19 through VCH.

• All supplies, equipment and high touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected
throughout the day. There will be a safety monitor assigned daily to disinfect
washrooms, chairs, tables, and other equipment after each use. Waste receptacles will
be placed throughout the centre.

• Cleaning and disinfecting protocols have been reviewed by IPAC and recommendations
have been implemented.

• All items and equipment which are porous or plush will either be removed or covered.

• PPE and Cleaning supplies will be ordered through VCH

Policies, Rules and Guidelines

•Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 (including fever, coughing, chills, shortness of
breath, sore throat, new muscle aches or headaches will be prohibited from entering the

• Anyone who has travelled from outside Canada in the last 14 days will be prohibited from
entering the centre.

• Clients who present with symptoms while at the centre or upon arrival will have
arrangements made to be taken home.

• Staff will be knowledgeable in all areas of safety, including policies, rules, and procedures

• Clients will be given an orientation of all guidelines in the first week of returning to the

• Families will be kept informed in writing of all policies, rules, and guidelines.

• Building management has ventilation system on a regular cleaning and maintenance

Home Resources

We now have a new section on our website called Home Resources! This page will contain various activities you can do at home including:

• Exercise Videos and tips

• Word search

• Cross Word

• Trivia

• Jokes

• Colouring

• Virtual Tours

And many more other activities!

Home Resources