Fanny – ADP Volunteer

For many years, Fanny has been a loyal volunteer and diligently shows up here every Monday to help before the seniors arrive. Her responsibilities at the Centre have includes setting the tables, helping set up and tidy exercise, and other tasks available.


Jocelyn – ADP Volunteer

Jocelyn is our volunteer extraordinaire. Jo has been coming on Wednesdays since 2008. She is a hard worker and takes pride in all the tasks she does for the seniors. She is also quite a singer and dancer!


Virginia – ADP Volunteer

Virginia is our newest volunteer; but the way she works, you would say she has been here for years. She constantly engages in conversation with the seniors.

Tracy- ADP Esthetician

Tracy our volunteer esthetician has kept the seniors’ nails clipped, polished, and buffed for several years. She has great stories to share about her travels – it’s the unofficial Armchair Travel program.

Crow City Singers – Singers

The Crow City Singers have been singing their hearts out for us since 2009. Robert, Jan, Susan, Lise and Peggy drop by every month for a sing-a-long. So many seniors say that they love when the Crow City Singers come. It’s the old-fashioned playlist that gets them every time.