Here is a small snapshot of some of the activities we offer:

Active Games

Getting our bodies moving to get a little blood flowing!

Bean Bag Toss
Ready, aim, bulls-eye! A fun target practice game that will keep you fit while having fun.

Carpet Bowling
A guaranteed crowd pleaser! Gets us up and moving, and is always good for a giggle and a bit of healthy competition.

Bocci Ball
Practice your aim while having fun and getting in some exercise!

Balloon Volleyball/Basketball 
Keep the ball up and hit it over and into the net to beat your opposing team for a little competition.

A classic game with different strategies!

Marble Challenge
This old-time game will bring back your best childhood memories.

Minute to Win it
No time to waste! Share some giggles with your friends in this fun and dynamic mini-game challenge involving cup-stacking and shuffleboard.

Table Shuffle Board
This game is an adapted version where we use bottles and a table for lots of fun and healthy competition

Armchair Travel

We are exploring the world from the comfort of our chairs with the latest technology.

Arts and Crafts

Programs include baking, painting, scrapbooking, drawing, card-making, and decorating – let us know what your talents are and we would love to develop a program for you to share your skills!  


Nerve-wracking maybe, but fun absolutely! Always a favorite here at Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors’ Society. Bingo takes place on Saturday afternoons at 1:00pm with our Community Day Program.

Brain Teasers

Games that stimulate our brains for optimal mental health!

Table Games
Sit around the table, chat, and play one of your favorite table games. Anyone for Scrabble?

Mental Aerobics
You don’t need spandex or Olivia Newton-John for this workout! Word search, trivia games, crossword puzzles – it’s all about brain power.

Keep your memory sharp – look back at the good old days and share your stories. Perhaps you can “Shake Loose A Memory” with us!

Language Lessons
Our Centre is so diverse! Let’s try to understand each other better by learning about our similarities and differences, and phrases in different languages.

Bus Outings

Park, restaurant, or picnic – bus trips are always fun and exciting! Outings are generally available from May to August. 


All our entertainers are highly skilled and committed to sharing their craft with us!

Sing-a-long with the Crow City Singers
The Crow City Singers will get your vocal cords working and you just may give Celine Dion a run for her money.

John Cronin
Guitarist and singer, John Cronin will entertain us and keep us stomping and dancing. Enjoy a pleasant afternoon with us to delight your soul. Listen to the beautiful sounds of his guitar and voice!

Health Arts Society
We have been lucky to host stimulating musical and theatrical performances from the Health Arts Society. They provide 45-minute performances to the community in various healthcare settings.


Gentle Yoga
Maryanne Chu comes by to instruct us in gentle chair yoga. Get ready to relax, stretch, and relieve some stress with this ancient form of exercise. Your body and mind will love you for it.

Sit Fit & Stand Fit  
The Sit Fit and Stand Fit Programs offer strength and balance exercises to seniors of various mobility skills. It’s a great way to get our bodies moving to improve mobility and reduce the risk of falling. Staff members are trained in the SteadyFeet curriculum and facilitate the programs on a daily basis.


Join the gardening enthusiasts to enjoy the sunshine and keep up our little flower and herb garden.

Pets and Friends

Enjoy visits with specially-trained companion animals from Pets and Friends Society and Mike’s Critters. Animal visits help to relieve stress, increase optimism, and address the basic human need for companionship.

Spa Days

Get a little spoiled and look posh!

Beauty Spa with Tracy

Pamper yourself by getting your nails done and feel good about it!

Warm hands

Massage and relax your hands for a moment, a therapeutic experience.