Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors’ Society was incorporated as a not-for-profit, charitable organization on October 19, 1976. During its early years, Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors’ Society was devoted to providing recreational, social and leisure activities and services to community seniors.

Locating a constant funding source was a continual challenge, and after an arduous battle, Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors’ Society obtained a contract to operate an Adult Day Program three days per week with secure funding from the Ministry of Health. The City of Vancouver provided a community service grant to offset the costs of the other two ‘community days’.

Currently Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors’ Society is still under contract to Vancouver Coastal Health Authority for ADC services and receiving funding from the City of Vancouver. In addition, SMART funds provide for a “Wheels to Meals and Congregate Lunch” program.

During its 43 years of existence, Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors’ Society has changed homes four times. Initially located in the vacated nuns residence at St. Jude’s Catholic Church, the Centre moved to Beaconsfield United Church basement after one year, then to St. Matthew’s Anglican Church hall on 23rd, and finally to their current location beside Three Links Care Centre on 22nd and Renfrew.

Although this brief history cannot begin to describe the struggles that faced Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors’ Society, its current success can only be credited to the undying devotion and commitment of many of its staff, board members and volunteers. They are what makes Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors’ Society what it is, and what our slogan exudes – “Taking Seniors to Heart”.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life of aging adults within their community by promoting wellness and independence through the provision of a safe and caring environment.

Our Vision

To be a Center of excellence providing quality and innovative leadership in programs dedicated to seniors.

Our Values

In fulfillment of our mission and in pursuit of our vision, we value:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Laughter
  • Team Work
  • Accountability
  • Quality of life for our clients, staff, and volunteers
  • Welcoming, warm atmosphere